Graduate Admissions Consulting

  • Pathway2Career Consulting is widely considered to be the best graduate school admissions consulting service.
  • With the help of our educational consultants, students are given the individualized attention they need to reach their full academic and professional potential.
  • Pathway2Career Consulting will guide you through the formal aspects of the admissions process, from early preparation to profile building.

*Please inquire about prices after our 30-minute free consultation


Financial Aid Package

  • Guide you through filling out your financial aid application for FAFSA, CSS Profile, or both
  • Answer any questions you or your parents may have
  • Review your application before submitting it by the March 2nd deadline
  • Review award letters and help you negotiate for additional aid
  • Help you and your family find alternative financing options if applicable (i.e., federal student loans, private loans, alternative loans, payment plans, etc.)
  • Assist you with entrance/exit loan counseling, master promissory note, and PLUS loan counseling process to fill it out correctly and submit them on time.

Scholarship Package

*(max. 10 scholarships), there will be an additional fee for each additional scholarship

  • Generate and apply to a list of school-specific scholarships
  • Search for outside scholarships you qualify or are eligible for
  • Create a list of scholarships along with description, application requirements, and deadlines
  • Assist you through the application process
  • The awards will vary based on the number of scholarships you apply to
  • Guide you through writing and submitting any additional documentation (i.e., personal statement, essay, supplemental questions, resume, cover letter, etc.)

Portfolio Package

  • Consulting with creating portfolio pieces, the number of pieces, format, and content, script, and written.
  • Help to construct portfolios to look cohesive and presentable
  • Assist you in writing and editing your brief descriptions and statements for each portfolio piece you need to submit
  • Review all elements of the portfolio before submission

Internship Package

*(max. 10 companies or positions), there will be an additionnal fee for each additional company/position

  • Analyze your current resume and craft a new resume
  • Create customizable and targeted cover letters for up to 10 companies you are interested in applying for
  • Assist you with writing, editing, and proofreading supplemental materials/essays
  • Conduct a final review of your application(s) before submission
  • Provide you with a list of common interview questions and some specified for you chosen field of study
  • Schedule a mock interview to prepare to excel in your interview(s)

Career Exploration & Assessment

We offer a variety of assessments that provide a detailed report about your interests and personality, which could then be used to help guide you to specific careers.

Academic Course Planning

We assist students in choosing the best academic courses for their future career goals.

Extracurricular Activities Development

We provide access to various extracurricular activities to help develop skills and interests.

1-on-1 Application Counseling

Our team of experienced counselors will guide you through every step of the process for your undergraduate or graduate program.

Essay Review & Editing

We will assist you with reviewing and editing your essays to ensure they are polished and ready to submit to your desired school or program.

Summer Enrichment Programs

We offer recommendations and guidance on a variety of summer enrichment opportunities that cater to students with diverse interests in the arts, business, science, and so on.

Financial Aid Advising

We can help you in navigating the financial aid process and maximize your options in paying for your education.

Mock Interview Prep

We prepare students for admission, internship, and job interviews. Our experienced professionals can boost your chances of being accepted into the programs you're interested in.

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Asked Questions

Consulting sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

Appointments can be booked by phone or through Google Calendar.

No, we do not guarantee that student will be accepted at a specific institution,but work with them to apply to their top choice school and a few back-up schools.

The sessions times and fees vary to accommodate each student's needs and goals.

Yes, you may use the allotted time for other services.

We can assure you that all personal information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality, therefore, all information will be kept between the students and consultant.

High School Students: at the beginning of your junior year, second semester of junior year, or summer before senior year.

Community College Students: prior to enrolling in your first semester of courses, during the end of their first year of college, or the summer prior to starting their second year.

4-year University Students: the moment you realize that the current institution is not the right fit for them and are seeking to transfer to another institution.

Graduate Students: right after bachelor’s degree, the moment you are ready to seek opportunities to advance in your careers or change your career.

Yes, we work with all types of students and it is never too late to embark on your educational journey!.

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