Career Exploration & Assessment

We offer a variety of assessments that provide a detailed report about your interests and personality, which could then be used to help guide you to specific careers.

Academic Course Planning

We assist students in choosing the best academic courses for their future career goals.

Extracurricular Activities Development

We provide access to various extracurricular activities to help develop skills and interests.

1-on-1 Application Counseling

Our team of experienced counselors will guide you through every step of the process for your undergraduate or graduate program.

Essay Review & Editing

We will assist you with reviewing and editing your essays to ensure they are polished and ready to submit to your desired school or program.

Summer Enrichment Programs

We offer recommendations and guidance on a variety of summer enrichment opportunities that cater to students with diverse interests in the arts, business, science, and so on.

Financial Aid Advising

We can help you in navigating the financial aid process and maximize your options in paying for your education.

Mock Interview Prep

We prepare students for admission, internship, and job interviews. Our experienced professionals can boost your chances of being accepted into the programs you're interested in.

Yeraz Benlian

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